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Kerr County Court Compliance



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Terry Lyle
Phone: (830) 792-2205
email: tlyle@co.kerr.tx.us
Kerr County Courthouse
700 Main Street Suite 118
Kerrville, Texas 78028
Fax  Number:
 (830) 896-9036
Terry Lyle

The Kerr County Court Compliance Department was created to assist the Court Clerks in the collection of court costs and fines assessed in felony and misdemeanor criminal convictions. 

The Department assists the Kerr County Court at Law, 216th Judicial District, Kerr County Juvenile Court, all four Justice of the Peace courts and assists local law enforcement agencies with locating defendants with outstanding criminal warrants and suspects in criminal incidents.

All departments of Kerr County government that are involved in the criminal justice system receive help in the locating of defendants owing outstanding fines and fees

Since January 2000 the department has assisted the Kerr County courts in collecting over $3 million in fines, fees and, in some cases, restitution. This process also holds criminals responsible for crimes committed by enforcing the judgments handed down by the courts.

This department is accountable to the Kerr County Commissioners Court. This department does not collect the money itself, but helps those persons who must pay to work out a payment plan for the costs they owe the county. The money is paid to the Clerk of the Court in which the judgment is made. It is the goal of the compliance department to efficiently enforce the courts orders adjudged against defendants.

A fine is not punishment until itís paid in full!


Follow the links below for Department Payment Instructions:

Kerr County Clerk: (Misdemeanor) for further assistance please call (830) 792-2255

Kerr County District Clerk: (Felony) for further assistance please call (830) 792-2281

Kerr County Tax Assessor Collector: for further assistance please call (830) 792-2242

Justice of the Peace:  for further assistance please call

                                                     Justice of the Peace #1     (830) 792-2230

                                                     Justice of the Peace #2     (830) 792-6444

                                                     Justice of the Peace #3     (830) 792-2233

                                                     Justice of the Peace #4     (830) 367-2245 


Monday thru Friday
8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and
1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
excluding county holidays
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