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Environmental Health Department                                         KerrCounty


Kerr County Environmental Health Department’s duties and responsibilities are to provide for the

health, safety, and welfare of Kerr County residents and the environment, to include but not limited to:


v      Ensure that all On-Site Sewage Facilities (OSSF) systems

     are installed in accordance with the Texas Commission on

Environmental Quality (TCEQ) rules and regulations.


v      Enforce all state laws in the illegal installation of OSSF

      systems to include but not limited to the Title 30, Texas

Administrative Code, §285, Texas Health & Safety Code, §366,

§341, and the Texas Water Code, §7.   


v      Ensure all OSSF complaints are investigated as mandated 

by state law and brought into compliance in accordance with

            the Title 30, Texas Administrative Code §285, the Texas Health 

& Safety Code §366, §341 and the Texas Water Code §7.


v      Enforcement of solid waste public nuisances, illegal dumping,

and illegal burning laws to include but not limited to the Texas

Health & Safety Codes §341, §343, §365, §366, Texas Water

Code, §7, and the Outdoor Burning Rule, Title 30, Texas

Administrative Code, Sections 111.201-221.


v      Review new subdivision plats and existing plats for compliance

      with state laws and Kerr County ’s local OSSF subdivision rules

      and regulations.


Kerr County Waste Water System Maps

August 22, Information & Intake Session

Center Point Map 1
Center Point Map 2
Center Point Map 3

Waste Water System Map

Aerial Exhibit 100
Aerial Exhibit 101
Aerial Exhibit 102
Aerial Exhibit 103
Aerial Exhibit 105

Phasing Map
Phase 1 Connection Schedule

Helpful Links

OSSF Fees   (Excel)   (PDF)
Application & fee for OSSF Development Permit   (Excel)   (PDF)
Application for Preliminary Plat Review   (Excel)   (PDF)
Preliminary Plat Requirements   (Word)   (PDF)
Affidavit to the Public   (Excel)   (PDF)
Revised Site Evaluation   (Excel)   (PDF)
Request for Public Records   (Excel)   (PDF)
Application for Transfer Registration   (Excel)   (PDF)
OSSF or Solid Waste Public Complaint   (Word)   (PDF)
Complaints the KCEHD may help you with   (Word)   (PDF)


Click here for FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions.

Click here to go to the TCEQ On-site Permits web site


          DUMPERS                              ILLEGAL DISCHARGE OF HAZARDOUS WASTE

                 WILL BE                                               SOLID WASTE VIOLATIONS     

             PROSECUTED                                       PUBLIC NUISANCES & ILLEGAL BURNING

         REPORT ILLEGAL DUMPING         To submit a complaint to TCEQ:

                                                                                                 call us toll-free at 1-888-777-3186, or

 e-mail us at cmplaint@tceq.state.tx.us

 1-830-896-9020 OR 911 (Emergency Only)


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