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Kerr County Juvenile Probation Department


Kerr County Juvenile Facility
3499 Legion Dr.
Kerrville, TX 78028
Phone:  (830) 896-9013
Fax:  (830) 315-5885
Monday thru Friday
8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
excluding county holidays
Appointments recommended.


The Kerr County Juvenile Probation Department is comprised of individuals dedicated to helping the youth of Kerr County through service to the Juvenile Court. Certified Juvenile Probation Officers (JPO) must fulfill many tasks including supervising, advising, referring, and detaining youth in need of services. The Juvenile Board consists of three members. The Department currently employs six Officers and one Data Coordinator.




Rob Kelly      Rex Emerson    NKeithWilliams
Kerr County Judge                                            198th District Judge                      216th District Judge

Honorable Rob Kelly            Honorable Rex Emerson              Honorable N. Keith Williams


Mission Statement - The mission of the Kerr County Juvenile Probation Department is to provide for public safety, while effectively addressing the needs of juvenile offenders, families, and the victims of crime.




Jason P. Davis,
 email:  cjpodavis@yahoo.com


Jesse Herrera,
Assistant Chief
email:  jpoherrera@yahoo.com

Philip Jandt
email:  jpojandt@yahoo.com

 Heather Patton,
email:  jpopatton@yahoo.com

Carla Schuster
email:  jposchuster@yahoo.com

 Olga Ozuna,
Data Coordinator
email:  jpdozuna@yahoo.com


The Kerr County Juvenile Probation Department is comprised of individuals dedicated to helping the youth of Kerr County through service to the Juvenile Court. Certified Juvenile Probation Officers (JPO) must fulfill many tasks including supervising, advising, referring, and detaining youth in need of services. The Juvenile Board consists of three members. The Department currently employs of six Officers and one Data Coordinator.


Other Duties - Other Duties - Officers conduct transportation of youth in our custody and are often called to be "on scene" by law enforcement and school officials. Transportations include, but are not limited to; medical, dental, and mental health appointments, extraditions, transports to and from facilities and placements, and supervision of detained youth in need of hospital treatment such as emergency services. Additionally, officers conduct community service projects such as cleaning County buildings and vehicles. Close relationships with parents, schools, law enforcement, attorneys, and other agencies and service providers are crucial. Referrals to special programs such as tutoring assistance, drug and alcohol education classes, parenting classes, private counseling, community service programs, mental health services, and GED classes provide opportunities that otherwise may not be available.



The Kerr County Juvenile Probation Department provides many services to the juveniles that our referred to our department.  The following information is an overview of some of the programs and services offered by the Department. 


Residential Placements - There are two types of placements in juvenile justice in Texas.  A “placement” is when the court removes a child from the home and places that child in some type of facility or center.  The Texas Juvenile Probation Commission (TJPC) authorizes and regulates Pre-Adjudication and Post Adjudication facilities, commonly referred to as “Pre” and “Post” facilities.

·        Pre-Adjudication-Pre facilities are secure centers in which children are held pending disposition of a case of delinquent conduct. 

·        Post Adjudication-Post facilities are more therapeutic and rehabilitative in nature; hence these are normally longer term placements.   There are two types of Post facilities, Secure and Non-secure.  Secure facilities are “locked down” with locked doors, gates, and fences.  Non-secure are less restrictive such as treatment centers or vocational programs.




TJPC Assisted Programs-These are programs that are aided by the Department accepting funds from TJPC for program operations.  The Department must comply with all grant conditions to continue receiving these funds.

·        Intensive Supervised Probation (ISP)-This program includes additional conditions, stricter curfews, and more frequent reporting. 

·        Commitment Reduction Program-(CRP) - CRP funds to support mental health services.


Department Programs-These Programs are funded primarily by the Tax Payers of Kerr County, Texas.  All programs must comply with TJPC Standards.

·        Community Service Restitution (CSR)-The Department performs and facilitates community service at a number of locations throughout the County.

·        Leadership Is For Everyone (L.I.F.E.) Skills Program-This Program is a partnership between the Kerr County Juvenile Board, Texas 4H, Texas Agri-Life Extension, and Texas A&M University.  This is the only program of its type in the state, and possibly in the nation.  The Program utilizes proven 4H leadership techniques to aid youth in development of character traits.  

·        Restitution and Court Costs-The Department collects and disburses restitution and court costs.

·        G.P.S. Monitoring-The Department contracts to provide the court with G.P.S. monitoring services for high risk offenders in cases where detention may not be the best option.

·        Drug Testing-The Department provides on-site drug testing through urinalysis, and mouth swabs, confirmation of urine tests is available.  Hair follicle testing is utilized when appropriate.

·        Probation Assisting Education (PAE)-Is a program offered during the school year.  Children are offered a two hour weekly tutoring session with certified teachers.

·        Psychological Evaluation-The Department contracts with a Ph.D. level psychologist to provide psychological evaluations as ordered by the court in an effort to provide appropriate treatment to the child.

·        Substance Abuse Evaluations-Evaluations are complete by a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) Certification. 

·        Substance Abuse Programs-The Department offers a 8 week substance abuse program and a 12 week intensive outpatient program.

·        Parenting Program-The Department offers a 12 week Parenting Program to parents of juveniles under the supervision of the Department.  The Program is open to all parents.

·        Sex Offender Assessments-An LPC level Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider  conducts evaluations and recommendations.

·        Sex Offender Counseling-Court ordered counseling is offered to youth in need of specialized treatment.

·        Counseling Services-The Department contracts with an LPC to provide counseling to youth and families on a limited basis.


Community Partnerships- These are services offered to youth and families, without charge in most cases.

·        Community Resource Coordination Group (CRCG)-Department staff attend monthly meetings with other local groups and agencies dedicated to serving youth.  Some of the agencies represented include; area schools, MHMR, TCOOMMI, Texas Workforce Solutions, Medicaid Administrators, KSTAR, Hill Country CARES, private home health, faith based organizations, APS, and treatment centers.

·        GED programs-The Department makes referrals to local GED programs. 

·        JPO’s attend Tivy High School home football games in an effort to aid staff and the community.   

·        Special event assistance-JPO’s attend community events as requested. 

·        Monthly school meetings-The Department hosts monthly meetings open to all Kerr County schools.  These meetings bring together many groups and individuals to identify needs and seek solutions, in an effort to aid schools in the County. 

·        Service provider meetings-The Department hosts regular service provider meetings.  This gives us the opportunity to share information and gain knowledge about the youth we serve.

·        Hill Country Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (HCCADA)-JPO’s may refer children to the Council for substance abuse issues.

·        Hill County CARES (CARES)-Provides counseling and treatment services.  CARES provides these services free of charge to children and families.  Aside from aiding youth in a therapeutic environment, caseworkers are often present in court to support the children they serve. 

·        Baptist Child and Family Services (BCFS)-Transitional Living Program-The Kerr County Juvenile Probation Department is proud to be a partner in this program.  Repeat misdemeanor offenders are assigned to a specific officer to address their needs.  This officer is paired with a caseworker and counselor employed by BCFS.  The caseworker works exclusively with the children under the supervision of this Department to provide services to the child and family.  BCFS and the Department work very closely on the child’s case plan in an attempt to avoid incarceration.   This program was first formed by BCFS in Bexar County.  Kerr County is the only other county in Texas to receive such services from BCFS.  They also provide Job Opportunities for Low Income Individuals (JOLII).  The Department encourages youth to begin vocational training when appropriate. 

·        Texas Correctional Office on Offender with Medical and Mental Impairments (TCOMMI)-This Program is offered through Hill County MHMR and assigns an MHMR caseworker to work with our shared population.  This mental health professional works exclusively with children under the supervision of this Department.

·        Justice of the Peace/ Truancy-Officers serve the County’s Justice Courts when requested and available.  As the Department may receive formal referrals from these courts, we aid the courts when possible.

·        Building the C.O.R.E.-This Program is an initiative of Partners in Ministry.  Building the C.O.R.E. centers around teaching the “40 Basic Assets”.  The program is a long term approach that hopes to grow over the next few years.

·        Greystone Academy- The Greystone Preparatory School at Schreiner University is a program for college students desiring to attend the nation’s service academies.  Greystone cadets meet weekly with children under the supervision of the Department to act as mentors.  The cadets develop the program each year exhibiting unsurpassed leaderships skills while proving positive role models for at risk youth.

·        Juvenile Intervention Services-In an ongoing attempt to aid parents and youth in need of services, the Department provides the Juvenile Intervention Services Program.  The Program is offered as a service to parents of youth who have not been referred to the Department for a delinquent conduct or CHINS offense.    Parents have the ability to make an appointment with an officer.  The officer advises the child of the possible consequences of negative behaviors and illegal activities.



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