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Payment Instructions


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Bureau Code for Kerr County, Texas Attorney Payments

For assistance please contact:
Kerr County Attorney
Phone: (830) 792-2221


On-line payment Instructions

To make the payment via Certified Payments.
1. You will leave this web site and go to Certified Payments  Secure web site at
2. Enter the Bureau Code: 8201705
3. Click on Begin Payment.
4. Verify the Bureau name:
        Kerr County, TX Attorney WEB

5. Click on Next
6. Enter Payment Amount
7. Select Credit Card Type
8. Service is Restitution
9. Click on Next
10. It will show you the payment amount and convenience fee with the total amount
11. Click on I agree
12. If applicable, enter your file number or case number. If you do not know your file number or case number, enter the word "unknown". You will need to call and confirm that the Hot Check Department received your payment.      look up your case here
13. Enter your Personal Information name and address, make sure that
      the phone number is a day time number.
14. Click on next
15. Enter the information for the person that owns the credit card
        * Please fill in the form with the information exactly as it appears on
          your credit card statement
       Or check that the information is the same of previous page.
16. Click on next
17. Enter your Credit Card Information
18. Click on next
19. The website will ask you to confirm your information and give a digital receipt.


On-line payments generally are processed the next business day.  Please allow at least one business day for payments to be reflected on-line.

Please read the Web Site  Privacy Notice  and  Disclaimer


For assistance please contact:
Kerr County Attorney
700 Main Street
Suite BA103
Kerrville, Texas 78028
     Phone: (830) 792-2221
Fax: (830) 792-792-2228
Email: The County Attorney


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