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The Kerr County Historical Commission established the Oral History Project in 1998 to document the first-person accounts of descendants of Texas Hill Country pioneers and other citizens who’ve contributed to our heritage.  To date, we've taped and transcribed some 50 interviews and scanned more than 800 photographs. . We are seeking grant funds to digitize the audio and video recordings for future preservation.  These oral histories are available to the public at the Kerr Regional History Center, located at 425 Water Street in Kerrville, and in the Logan Library on the Schreiner University Campus.  Each history is has been assembled in two formats which allow reading from a printed manuscript or viewing the manuscript on a computer screen.

Below is a list of the Oral Histories compiled by the KCHC. Click on the names with clickable links to view an abstract of the oral history.

J. M. Auld, Jr.
James Avery
Dr. Dan Bacon
Willie Bill
Bucky Blodgett
Joseph Burkett, Darrell G. Lochte, Carl Meek
Allie Burton
Louis and Pat Burton
Joel Craig
Harry Crate
Melba Lee Williams Crate
Lea Dickerson
Bill Dickey
Charles Dominguez
Mary Margaret Doyen
Bimmie Finley
Jack L. Groff
Waldean Groff
Dub Haney
Raye Haney
Louis Heimann, Jr.
Wanda F. Henderson
Rosita Holdsworth Hollar
George & Mary Virginia Holekamp
Elaine Crider Hurt
Martha Johnson
Clyde Jones
Warren Klein
Elsie Guthrie Kullenberg  
Nell Leonard
Sylvia Lewis
Joe Lewis
Jean Lidiak
Gene Lock
Courtney Lutz
Clay McBryde
Rosa Lea Meek
Jerrie Goss Meeker
Boss Merritt
Jack Moore
Robert Lee Mosty
Wheeler Mosty
Julius and Marvin Neunhoffer
Helen Dietert Orr

Josephine "DoDo" Parker
Jack Parks
Laura Patton
Maxine Powell
Junior Pruneda
Ruth Ray (descendant of James Kerr)

Dalene Comparette & Robert Reagan
Connie Douglas Reeves
Orbie Reeves         
Aime Frank Real
Elizabeth Real
Rev. Matias Rodriguez
Ammie Rose Hollar Salter
Trixie Dixon Sample
Walter and Barbara Kiefer Schellhase
Marium Schmerbeck
Charlie Schreiner III
Thornton Secor
Rene Stone Sherman
Robert Sieker
Amos Smith

Clarabelle Barton Snodgrass
Ross Snodgrass
Ethel Starkey
Jack & Frances Stevens
Betty Sullivan Strohacker
Sibyl Bennett Sutherland
Francis “Fuzzy” & Nell Swayze
Levi & Evelyn Taylor
Marguerite Sammons Voges 
John Ike Walton
Cecil Wellborn
B. T. Wilson
Itasco Wilson

Bill and Irene Fisher Womack

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