Project Status

Information Technology Plans and Projects

Information Technology Plan Summary

2005      Desktop computer replacement. Network security improvements. County and District remote office connectivity.
2006      Network rebuild and Software Group upgrade (Odyssey, Orion, and Incode) rollout. TLETS upgrade. 911 upgrade. Direct Deposit. County-wide training.
2007      Video teleconferencing. E-government on-line payments and public data via the Internet.
2008      VoIP telephone systems, Mobile Data Terminals, integrated law enforcement. Desktop replacement.
2009      Server and Network upgrade. Next Generation Networking (NGN) High speed network connections for multiple offices.
2010      Annual desktop and server replacement program. VOIP system implemented county wide.
2011      Laserfiche expansion. New network equipment and protection systems. Odyssey r2011 update.
2012      Annual desktop and server replacement program with Windows7 and MS Office 2010. Odyssey r2012 update. Electronic Time entry.
2013      Tax assessor / central appraisal systems integration. Elections absentee ballot automated system. Desktop replacement program. Video teleconferencing in all courtrooms.
2014      Server replacement/refresh. CJIS 2013 network upgrades. Laserfiche public web access. Elections voter hardware replacement. Desktop replacement. Jail video teleconference visitation.
2015      Server replacement/refresh. Civil courts automated electronic filing. Incode vX (version 9/10). Major battery replacements.
2016      Odyssey r2014/15 Desktops all 64bit hardware. Major server replacement. Ingram data center. Microwave network upgrade. Ag Barn wireless.
2017      Jail, dispatch, warrants construction. Next generation networking and upgrades to the wide area network. Commissioners court video.
2018      Server data storage improvements. Next generation office software deployment. MS Office 2016
2019      Desktop computer replacement. Windows 10 deployment. Phone system handset replacements.
2020      Server 2016 and Desktop computer replacement programs for several systems.
2021      Server replacements Tax and Courts. Storage systems upgrade.
2022      Odyssey Law Enforcement major software update

Information Technology Software Upgrade 2005-2006

Project Milestones

Apr      Report on system efficiency
May      Requirements established
Jun      On site demonstrations
Jul      On site demonstrations
Aug      Department approval
Sep      Negotiation of contracts
Oct      Contracts approved
Nov      Contracts executed
Dec      Contracts resubmited, missing signature on addendum
Dec      Financing
Jan      Finance approval. Project Planning.
Feb      Financial and Tax hardware installation
Mar      Financial and Tax data conversion. Financial Go-Live.
Dec      Complete

Electronic Voting Project (Hart Inter Civic)

County Clerk

Dec      Equipment delivery
Dec      Dec 20-23 On site training. COMPLETED
Jan      Jan 5-6 Equipment certification and acceptance. COMPLETED
Feb      Early voting, first election with electronic voting.

Financial (Incode)

Audit and Treasurer

Nov      Survey by mail and database submission
Dec      21st @9am Project Kickoff Meeting in the District Court Jury Room
Jan      Hardware review and order
Feb      Hardware Installation 2/7. Financial data conversion 2/27-3/3/05
Mar      Financial AP GL PR Go Live. Direct Deposit testing
Apr      Direct Deposit and on-line time cards

Tax (Orion)

Nov      Database submission
Jan      Equipment rack on site (consolidated with Odyssey rack)
Feb      Hardware intallation
Mar      Database conversion
Apr      Training and go live
May      Complete

Courts (Odyssey)

District Clerk, County Clerk, District Attorneys, County Attorney, Jail, SO and Dispatch

Nov      Database submission
Dec      12th @9am Webex Demo for CAD and calls for service
Jan      13th @all day Project Kickoff Meetings
Jan      long lead equipment ordered and on site. A/C and power installation
Feb      Hardware Installation complete. Database conversion start
Mar      Training and go live Civil and Criminal
Apr      Training and go live Jail, law enforcement, prosecuter
May      Hot checks and jury database conversion and go live. (HC cancel by CA)
Jun      Complete.

Information Technology Completed Projects in 2005

Feb      Tape backup for TSG server. Inventoried and cleaned all PCs. Secured the network
Mar      DATANAS installation for Images. County Attorney's office connected to network. AIX upgrade.
Apr      Wordmerge upgrade. Desktop installation x 32. VPN Server.
May      Domain name change to with DNS and WWW servers. Computer room re-build.
Jun      High speed Internet connection courthouse and SO. 216 DA on-line. MHMR video teleconferencing.
Jul      Network firewall and secure connections to CH, SO, DA's, JP4/Tax, AP. Identix conversion.
Aug      Civil Fees upgrade. Mail server, DNS, and WWW complete. Cable cleanup Tax and County Clerk.
Sep      VoIP at courthouse and SO. SO network closet re-built. County Court at Law wired.
Oct      Desktop replacement program start, twenty nine computers replaced. Ingram City Marshalls office on line to county network. Anti-virus and email deployment complete.
Nov      JP4 on-line to county system. Persons database mass-merge, 9000 records. Desktop file server installed.
Dec      Desktop upgrade and replacement project completed. 198 DA on-line. Initiated TSG upgrades.

Information Technology Completed Projects in 2006

Jan      Land records on-line via Landata. Electronic voting. Computer room improvments, new power and a/c. County web site pages added and updated.
Jan      Desktop computer automated backup system in place for courthouse and law enforcement center.
Feb      Computer room installation of hardware for Odyssey, Orion and Incode. Legacy Direct Deposit for Payroll installed.
Mar      Computer network upgrade to Gigabit Ethernet. Software installation and Training. New 911 PSAP. Interface to KPD. DPS security review completed. Incode financial system installed.
Apr      Incode financial system completed. Tax office Odyssey Software install and go live.
May      County and District clerk Odyssey install and go live.
Jun       Sheriff's Office and Jail Odyssey go live.
Jul      Odyssey deployment and training continued.
Aug      Odyssey release 11 installed. Automated conviction reporting for JP offices on-line.
Sep      Papervision imaging system for District Clerk
Oct      Desktop replacement program year two, twenty seven computers replaced.
Nov      Odyssey Public Access via the Internet completed.
Dec      Desktop replacement complete.

Information Technology Completed Projects in 2007

Feb      Voter registration images system transition start.
Mar      Odyssey Hot Checks program canceled by County Attorney.
Apr      Electronic Victim Notifcation 'VINE' program installation.
May      Edoctech system for land records installed. Laserfiche for county clerk installed.
Jun      Laserfiche system on-line. HR and Electronic time reporting project start.
Jul      216th Adult Probation 'Corrections Software' installation.
Aug      216th Adult Probation 'Corrections Software' go live.
Sep      New Livescan fingerprint machine installed. IT Specialist position established and filled.
Oct      Desktop replacement program year three, fifty-five computers replaced.
Nov      County clerk land records imaging started. Juvenile Probation office disconnected from county network.
Dec      Desktop replacement complete. County clerk land records imaging. 216th AP domain conversion. Motor vehicle computers installed.

Information Technology Completed Projects in 2008

Jan      Odyssey release 13 installed. Juvenile Detention Backup PC and imaging
Feb      GIS project start. SO VPN 'work from home' access.
Mar      Incode version 6 installed. City/County 'broadband services' i.e. microwave project start.
Apr      County Cell phone consolodation complete. 198th Adult Probation network connection.
May      Video Teleconference project start. Incode access for budget. Countywide instant messaging, Spark.
Jun      Video Teleconference and video arraignment system go live. 216th AP Desktop replacement, eighteen computers replaced.
Jul      Large screen monitor installed in commissioners court. Courthouse telephone replacement project start.
Aug      Courthouse and courthouse annex digital video recorder system installation. Backup tape system upgrade.
Sep      Jail Access control system completed. Courthouse DVR system completed. Juvenile Detention door check system. New IT Specialist position.
Oct      Desktop replacement program year four, twenty-eight computers replaced. Gov Deals auction. Internet explorer 7
Nov      Commissioners court cabling, big screen display, and computer systems installation.
Dec      Desktop replacement complete. Adobe 9 deployment.

Information Technology Completed Projects in 2009

Jan      Microwave connection to Animal Control installed. Added office to county network
Feb      Added two terabytes of system storage. Code Red notification system implemented.
Mar      Courthouse access control system completed. Jail and SO high speed network connection upgrade complete.
Apr      Juvenile Detention converted to county network. DPS CJIS Audit completed.
May      E-filing for district and county courts. Incode version 7 upgrade. Road & Bridge, AG Barn added to county network.
May      High Speed network for multiple offices project complete.
Jun      Historical Commission website upgrade. Odyssey on site training and upgrade. Road and bridge software upgrade.
Jul      Odyssey LE and Jail review. Video teleconference for courts expansion. JP Odyssey on site training
Aug      Electronic pollbooks for elections. Odyssey Courts on site training. OCA reporting training and upgrade.
Sep      Odyssey application server add. IT policy review and update.
Oct      Mail, web, dns server replacement. Re-racked the courthouse server room. New livescan fingerprint machines for courtrooms.
Nov      Odyssey new database server. New NAS server, 3TB of storage. New tape loader. Phone system replacement specified.
Dec      Phone system and phone service bid. Odyssey court compliance on site training. New IT Specialist I position.
Dec      Desktop replacement program, twenty-three computers replaced.

Information Technology Completed Projects in 2010

Jan      New Jury software system. Crimestoppers TIPSOFT system. Incode version 8.
Feb      Paperless/scanning project for the auditor.
Mar      New phone system installation begins.
Apr      Courthouse, replaced phone system. Kerr County on line with TDEx Texas Data Exchange.
May      Unified communications, fax, email, messengering. New courthouse phone service provider.
May      Odyssey Jail and LE upgrade. e-Recording for land records. IT policy review.
Jun      Courtroom audio visual equipment project and new video teleconference equipment.
Jul      Extension office, added to network. Ag barn, added to network and phone system.
Aug      Sheriff's Annex new construction. Installed racks, network, phones. OCA reporting makeover on site training.
Sep      Added the Kerrville/Kerr County airport to the county network.
Sep      Moved adult probation, juvenile probation, and CID to new facility.
Oct      Sheriff's office, replaced phone system and service. OCA 2010 implemented.
Nov      Road and Bridge, Ag Barn, Juvenile Detention phone system implemented.
Dec      New courthouse router. Dual Internet Service Providers.

Information Technology Completed Projects in 2011

Jan      Antivirus and patch management upgrade. Sheriff's office new router.
Feb      Desktop replacement program, twenty-seven computers to be replaced.
Mar      Laserfiche server replacement. Airport redundant service and router.
Apr      Laserfiche added Environmental Health. Ingram annex new router added to phone system.
May      Ingram Annex, new facility wired and setup. Road & Bridge redundant service and router.
Jun      Adult Probation new servers and tape loader, new rack. Odyssey release 2011 go live. Wireless server expansion.
Jul      County Attorney new server. Adult Probation scanning and paperless, new payment system, new time and personel system.
Aug      Jail self-serve payments to commissary, PCI DSS. Edoc system upgrade.
Sep      Ingram Annex fiber and new router. Ag Barn fiber from HCTC. Thank you Hill Country Telephone.
Sep      Version 13 offense codes. Desktop replacement program, twenty five desktop computers.
Oct      OCA 2011 reporting implemented in-house.
Nov      MS Office 2010 beta. Desktop dual monitor paperless/scanning various departments.
Dec      Laptop replacement project.

Information Technology Completed Projects in 2012

Jan      Sheriff's office UPS and power system upgrades.
Feb      Network router replacements.
Mar      Tape archive system upgrade.
Apr      MS Office 2010 deployment. Network attached storage upgrade.
May      Courthouse core network upgrade. Laptop computer rebuilds/life extension with SSD.
Jun      Video teleconference project. Adult detention-juvenile detention-courthouse-courthouse annex.
Jul      Juvenile detention server and network rack rebuilds. DPS TCIC/NCIC audit, no defects found.
Aug      Electronic time entry project. PA wireless network expansion and upgrade. Desktop computer replacement program, twenty-eight computers.
Sep      Road and Bridge network closet upgrade. Network attached storage expansion. Odyssey 2012 go live. Odyssey regional workshop host.
Oct      Server refresh/replacement. Tax Assessor/Central Appraisal system integration(hardware install.
Nov      Sheriff's office new router. Courthouse new server closet. Desktop computer replacement program, forty-two computers.
Dec      Courthouse new router. District Attorney systems assimilated. Training room equipment refresh.

Information Technology Completed Projects in 2013

Jan      Electronic time entry project go live. DPS electronic citation integration.
Feb      Microwave network hardware refresh and major maintenance. Odyssey server and storage upgrades.
Mar      Tax Assessor/Central Appraisal integrated system, True Automation, go live.
Apr      Courthouse new lower level courtroom. Antivirus system upgrade/refresh. Tax assessor CIC accounting system go live.
May      Sheriff's office annex, new offices build out.
Jun      Data converstion of legacy tax data. Juvenile Detention DVR upgrades. JDF video teleconference with client counties.
Jul      Desktop replacement program for 2012-13 completed.
Aug      Incode TOP for automation and emailing of formerly paper only documents.
Oct      Odyssey server replacement, new application server.
Nov      Desktop backup server replacement.

Information Technology Completed Projects in 2014

Jan      Sheriff's office web site integration.
Feb      CJIS desktop replacement. Camera system upgrades. JDF network power replacement.
Mar      Road and Bridge server replacement and network rebuild. Sheriff in car video storage system.
Apr      Antivirus system upgrade/refresh. New voter system equipment. Crimestoppers dedicated workstation.
Apr      Dispatch and training room workstation replacement. SO Server room rebuild and network switch upgrades.
May      Desktop replacement program 25 computers. Odyssey Job server replacement. Multi-facility camera systems upgrade.
May      Road and Bridge major software projects. Airport router and switch replacement.
Jun      Voter registration image storage consolidation. Vital records database migration/replacement.
Jul      New DVRs. Desktop replacement program for 2013-14. Tape archive system upgrade dual drives. ESRI autocad for R&B
Aug      Airport, new cameras. Replacement Odyssey JOB server, JOB2.
Sep      New exhibit hall wiring. Public facing servers major security patches and updates. Courthouse flood DR.
Oct      Replacement Odyssey TEST server, TEST2. Backup mail server replacement.
Nov      Volunteer fire department notification system. New courtcam4. Exhibit hall new BMS system.
Dec      Ag Barn exhibit hall new IT room. Adult probation server replacement.

Information Technology Completed Projects in 2015

Jan      County clerk office rebuild and moves. New officeholder setups. New courtcam1.
Feb      DPS computer and network security audit for TCIC/NCIC, no defects found.
Feb      Network router replacements. GLIBC bug patch. CCAL Court reporter realtime system.
Mar      Agrilife Extension router and network rebuild. Fiber run Ag Barn <> Agrilife buildings. NAS updates.
Mar      County court at law and county clerk reconfiguration and new equipment.
Apr      SO Server room rebuild and network switch upgrades. Antivirus system upgrade/refresh.
Apr      Voter laptop replacement. Laptop replacements.
May      Adult detention attorney video visitation booth. Print server replacement.
May      District courtroom 2 network expansion and printer project.
Jun      Adult probation computer replacement program. Microwave network upgrade and reconfiguration.
Jun      Courthouse phone network fiber upgrade and switch replacement. District courtroom 2 automation.
Jul      Microwave network upgrade and reconfiguration. Domain controller replacement. Phone server replacement.
Aug      UPS battery replacements system wide. Antivirus and patch management upgrade. WK fire deployment.
Sep      Command trailer system overhaul. Flash player removal completed.
Oct      VRSS reporting. POS terminal replacements.
Nov      Radio system recorder replacement. Airport AWOS update and reconfiguration.
Dec      New server and weather station for Animal Services. File share move for Environmental Health.
Dec      Replacement server for print services, and central management.

Information Technology Completed Projects in 2016

Jan      Crime scene computer and software project. OMNIXX major update. Medical Video teleconferencing.
Feb      Video system upgrades and new Sheriff's office body cameras. Smart phone replacement with secure email.
Feb      Odyssey integrated criminal justice system major update. Network routers firmware, major update.
Mar      Desktop computer RAM upgrades. Internet service speed upgrades.
Mar      216th District Attorney network, desktop, systems integration. Digital camera upgrades.
Apr      Storage server replacement, 24TB on line. Backup system replacement.
May      198th District Attorney integration and server replacement. Election.
Jun      Budget and planning. On-line video systems for criminal justice.
Jul      Mail server replacement; New mail interface. Paperless civil process for county court at law.
Aug      Microwave network upgrade to 750Mbps. Domain controller server replacement. SB1369 training.
Sep      Ingram data center testing. Odyssey 2014 installed.
Oct      Ag Barn wireless project.
Nov      Federal Elections. Ingram data center move-in. Odyssey DB replacement.
Dec      Jail construction, warrants moves. Endpoint security system upgrade.

Information Technology Completed Projects in 2017

Jan      KCSO dispatch center and warrants move and equipment modernization. EvidenceMedia system on line.
Feb      eDiscovery system installed. Storage server migrations.
Mar      Network interface to KPD. Incode financial server replaced. Courthouse router replacement
Apr      Financial system server replacement.
May      File share Storage server replacement. JDF network upgrade. Survived the world wide worm.
Jun      LE video server upgrade and storage expansion. KCSO Fire damage remidation complete.
Jul      Holding facility build out.
Aug      Moved the entire adult detention operation from Clearwater to Legion. Moved the maintenance offices.
Aug      Electrical storm damage equipment replacments.
Sep      Airport ADS-B and large screen monitor.
Oct      eDiscovery and EvidenceMedia systems implemented.
Nov      Law Enforcement Center and Adult detention center construction buildout.
Dec      Desktop replacement program. Surge in malware and virus detections. Kerr CAD facility move.

Information Technology Completed Projects in 2018

Jan      Kerr CAD network rebuild. Jail construction complete. Nelson the dog SJW campaign.
Jan      TLETS software replacement. Stock show command trailer deployment test.
Feb      WiFi system replacement in most facilities with county wide integration.
Feb      Wiring and fiber optic installation for the WiFi system. Road and Bridge Ingram Yard.
Mar      DNS and Web server replacement. Sheriff in car video storage system expansion.
Mar      Primary Election. EvidenceMedia storage system expansion. Alamo server failed and retired.
Mar      Ingram PD eForce system, fiber optic service, and tech assist. Hays Street Microwave on line.
Apr      Papervision migration to Hyper-V server configuration. HB681 compliance.
May      Laserfiche software major system upgrade and new server. 216th District Attorney new office build out and move.

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