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Kerr County Sheriff's Office employee Commendations

The Kerr County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to providing quality, community oriented policing based on ethical decision making. Each year, the employees of the Sheriff's Office make hundreds of contacts with people who live, work and travel through the County. In some cases, these individuals may wish to acknowledge the employees involved for quality performance.

We believe the public is entitled to efficient, fair, and impartial service, and we take your concerns seriously. We investigate all allegations of employee misconduct, respond to inquiries about employee actions or department policy, and document all commendations received from the public. With that in mind, we provide the following information regarding how this process works.


How to Commend a Sheriff's Office employee


Each year the Sheriff's Office receives numerous employee commendations from the general public. When you receive service from our department that you believe is worthy of a commendation, we would like to hear about it. You may call or come by the Sheriff's Office in person during regular business hours; or, if unable to do so, you may contact the on-duty supervisor to report your commendation. Please include all the information you can remember such as the employee’s name, and the date, time and circumstances of the outstanding service. The employee will be notified of your commendation as will the supervisor. A copy of your commendation will also be placed in the employee’s file and forwarded to the Sheriff.


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