Since Sheriff Hierholzer has taken office, Kerr County Sheriff's Office has received approximately  $500,000 in grants, from national, state, and local organizations. We have been able to purchase ballistic vests for the officers, in-car video equipment, and more recently, Identix TouchPrint 2000 fingerprint computer, at a cost of $114,000.

It should also be mentioned that local individuals assisted in helping with the matching funds and for the purchasing of smaller equipment and training. A local organization helped purchase the M26 Advanced Taser for the Jail Division.

Sheriff Hierholzer has made a commitment to provide the best possible service to the citizens of Kerr County. He believes in utilizing  grants and donations to defer the cost, relieving some of the monetary burdens of the citizens of Kerr County.

In the Kerr County Sheriff's Office the Administration secretary assists Sheriff Hierholzer and Chief Deputy Barton in their activities. She helps in maintaining information as to the budget activity during the fiscal year.

Starting Salary Information

Deputy $45,385-$50,107
Corrections $39,145-$43,201
Communication $39,145-$43,201

Starting salary is based on TCLOLE certification (i.e., Basic, Intermediate, Advance, and Master Certificates).



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