Lee J. Behrens came to the Kerr County Sheriff's Office in December 1985 as a corrections officer. During this time he also was cross trained as a dispatcher.

In July 1989 after completing the Basic Peace Officer's Certification with the Regional Law Enforcement Academy he became a deputy for the Sheriff's Office.

He spent time as a Warrant Deputy, Patrol Deputy, and Investigator. In December 1992 he was promoted to Shift Corporal on Patrol.

In October 1993 he was transferred as a corporal into the Warrant Division. In October 1999 he was promoted to Sergeant within the Warrant Division where he currently is assigned.

Sgt. Behrens holds an Masters Peace Officer's Certificate and Master Jailer's Certificate. He also holds a certificate as a certified Instructor.

The Warrant Division contains within it the Warrant, Civil, Transportation, Bailiff, and Work Program Deputies. The Warrant Division maintains this with 9 sworn deputies and two clerks. The Work Program, with use of incarcerated inmates, was added to this division in 2000.

Among serving warrants and civil papers, the division assists the Jail Division in transporting inmates to court, consisting of a County Court @ Law and 2 District Courts, and to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice-Id, and any other activities that come about. With the capture of individuals outside this county, they are transported and returned to this county from within this state and  the United States.

To maintain the work load within the division, the deputies are familiar with each other's duties so that they may assist where needed.

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