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Commissioners' Court

The Kerr County Commissioners Court, which is composed of the County Judge and four Commissioners, is the overall managing / governing body of Kerr County. The County Judge is the presiding officer of the Kerr County Commissioners Court as well as the spokesperson and ceremonial head of the County government.

The Court is responsible for the budgetary decisions, tax and revenue decisions. The Court also appoints and monitors the actions of all County department heads other than the County Auditor and those offices headed by elected officials.

Kerr County Commissioner's Court

Kerr County Commissioners' Court Coordinator
Kathy Mitchell

700 E. Main Street
Kerrville, Texas 78028

Phone: (830) 792-2211
Fax: (830) 792-2218

Duties and Responsibilities of the County Commissioner from the Texas Association of Counties

Duties and Responsibilities of the County Judge from the Texas Association of Counties

Last Updated: July 2005