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Kerr County Facts & Other Information


Kerr County Profile  from the County Information Project of the Texas Association of Counties.

Quick Facts on Kerr County  from the U.S. Census Bureau.
To locate information for the State of Texas and other counties, click here.

Community Profiles   from the Texas Department of Economic Development. Search by county, community, or region.

Interactive Census 2000 Map   from the County Information Project. Move your cursor over a county to see the data.

Compare Kerr County  to other counties using six using six basic variables such as population, geographic size, tax data, county road miles, etc. A special function allows you to look at the data for your county and those counties around you.

Kerr County Highway Maps  from the Texas Department of Transportation.

USGS National Mapping Information - Kerr County

Kerr County History   from the Handbook of Texas Online.

Find Your Incumbent Online  Texas Legislature Online for Kerr County.


Information on Other Counties and Places

Advanced Search!. An on-line data query engine which allows you to search for counties that meet your criteria.

Find a County.  Want to know where a county is located? Try this interactive map from the County Information Project!

Texas County Map.  A PDF map of the state with the county boundaries and names. You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

Locate a County by Place Name  From MapStats, a Federal government web site. Enter a place name (city or town) and this utility will tell you in what county the place is located.


Data, Data and More Data

The County Information Project,  a program of the  Texas Association of Counties.

The Texas State Data Center at A&M University is part of the National State Data Center Network. Census 2000 data and population estimates, projections and more can be found here.

American Fact Finder  from the The U.S. Census Bureau.

Bureau of Economic Analysis.  Regional, county, and other local area economic data.

FedStats. The gateway to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies


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