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Option One: I Want to Pay the Ticket Now
You must plea GUILTY or NOLO CONTENDERE to use this option

Consult your copy of the "Courtesy Letter" or click here view the one on this site. Find the violation description that matches what you were charged, look to the right and find the corresponding fine and fee total that will become due and payable.

If paying the ticket is your option, determine the proper amount of the fine and fees (as shown in the "Courtesy Letter") purchase a money order or cashier's check and mail it to us. Get the address >>

Please consider the following suggestions:

  • Photocopy the ticket and mail us the COPY.
  • Make sure that the ticket number is clearly written on the money order or cashiers check.
  • Make sure that your remittance is accompanied by a "Plea". Download the Plea form >>
  • Consider sending the payment "Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested".

It is a good idea (though not required) to send your remittance and photocopy by certified mail return receipt requested. It serves as proof that you sent us your payment.

We will not send you a receipt unless you include a self addressed stamped envelope with your remittance.

If you need credit card instructions or need to make a partial payment as part of an installment "payment plan" contact the Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4

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