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Option Three: I Want to Plea Not Guilty and Appear for a Trial

You are entitled to a trial in Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4 Court in the same manner as any other court. You must download the response sheet and plea "Not Guilty". Please do not plea "Not Guilty" and pay the fine or request DSC, too. This option is only for you to tell us that you want a trial.

You are entitled to a trial by a six-member jury. Your request for a jury trial will be processed rapidly and you should expect notice of the trial setting very shortly. There may be a pretrial date set so that pretrial motions can be processed before the date of the trial.

You may have your case heard before the judge. The notice of Court date will be mailed to the address you provide either on the ticket or on the reply form you submit with your plea.

If you need counsel to determine your best course in replying to the traffic summons you have been issued, you should seek out and obtain qualified legal counsel. We will not be legally or ethically able to assist you. We will remain neutral at all times. We believe you would want it like that.

Download the Plea Form >>

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