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Regaining a Suspended Drivers License

The Court realizes that you need the license suspension lifted, ASAP. However, for some reason or another, your license was suspended because you did not respond to:

  • The original date on the citation that you signed promising to take care of the ticket, and
  • The notice that we sent you telling you that we were going to have your driving privilege suspended.

To regain your license as soon as possible, help us by:

  1. Paying the fine(s) and fees by Cashier's Check or Money Order.
  2. Sending the remittance by overnight mail with a prepaid mailer addressed to you inside.
  3. We will receipt the payment and mail it the same day we receive it if at all possible. If we receive your payment too late in the day, we will send it the following business day.
  4. We cannot and will not call or fax anyone on your behalf

If you elect you may send your payment by any courier or means you see as correct for your needs. We will not pick up packages or electronic payments. If it is not delivered to us, we will not receive it.

Once we receive your payment we will send a receipt to you by regular mail (or by overnight or other courier if you provided the prepaid device) and the notice to your state via the Texas Department of Public Safety also by regular mail. To be clear, if you provided a prepaid mailer, we will mail the receipts accordingly. Otherwise, all of our business is by U.S. Postal Service.

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