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John M. Hewitt, PE, CFM
Frequently Asked Questions?

Is my property in the floodplain?

Can I build in the floodplain?

Where are maps available?

Call our office at 257-2993

Kerr County Flood Damage Prevention Order No. 32034 was established in February 2011, and is administered by Road & Bridge.

This order promotes public health, safety, and general welfare and minimizes public and private losses due to flood conditions in specific areas.

Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) Maps, are available for review in our office at no charge. In addition, maps are available online at the FEMA Map Service Center website Click here to go to the FEMA site.

A Floodplain determination or permit is required for any work in the floodplain. There is a fee to obtain either, and you need to make an appointment with the R&B office to discuss the procedures. It will expedite the process if you print out the application shown on the left of the screen and complete it before you arrive.

If you have a question about a specific property, please have the property ID# from the Kerr County Appraisal District before you call our office at 830-257-2993.

Floodplain Damage Prevention Order (Adobe PDF)
Floodplain Permit Application Form (Adobe PDF)
Preferred Risk Policy Fact Sheet (Adobe PDF)


Kerr County Road & Bridge

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