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Disposing of a Traffic Case Filed Against You

You were given, or should have been given, a ½ page letter commonly called a "Courtesy Letter" at or close to the time you were given a traffic ticket. Most of the time this letter has all of the instructions that is needed to solve your situation. Read that letter first, before you begin to search this site or telephone us. Most likely all you need to know is right there. However, if you need more help hopefully you will find it here. If for some reason you did not receive a letter, view the one on this site here >>

There are several options to consider bringing disposition to your situation. Carefully consider these options and take action by the date shown on your citation. The date sentence is phrased something like "Appear on or before……". Failure to perform according to this date may diminish your options or cause a warrant for your arrest or the filing of additional charges against you. Please do not let this happen!

Option One: I Want to Pay the Ticket Now

Option Two: I Want to Take the Driving Safety Course

Option Three: I Want to Plea Not Guilty and Appear for a Trial

Option Four: I Want a Deferred Disposition under 45.051 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure

Option Five: I Want to do Something Else

You will need to download a reply form* from this site or use the one that the officer should have given you at the time that you were cited. This form is where you got our web site address. There is also a telephone number to call us if you just cannot make this work for you.

Ignoring this citation will not do anything for you but cause you trouble. Be timely so that you may not lose some privileges you may have under law.

Sometimes people are offended or have special comments concerning their perception of the conduct of the officer that person made contact with or some fact issues. The Court does not have conversations with any officers concerning your case prior to trial nor will the Court have conversation with you concerning the fact issues or ancillary issues of your case. Please understand that this is an ethical and legal matter and is required so that your business and the business of the State of Texas is fair and impartial.

*You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader® to view the forms on this site.

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